Press Release Regarding The Terrorist Incidents Perpetrated In The Provinces Of Balochistan And Khyber-pakhtunkhwa In Pakistan

İslamabad Büyükelçiliği 11.01.2013

We have learnt with deep sorrow and concern that, yesterday (10 January), three different terrorist acts that took place in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan Province, killed more than 120 people and injured at least 250 according to immediate assessments, while an explosion that occurred in a place of worship in the Swat region of Hayber-Paktunkhwa Province killed 22 people and caused 47 injuries.

We convey our condolences to the grieved families and wish a speedy recovery to the wounded; may God bless the souls of those who lost their lives.

Turkey strongly condemns all kinds of terrorist acts aiming at the peace and security in brotherly Pakistan, particularly those targeting the internal stability of the country on the eve of the upcoming elections.

On the occasion of these tragic events, we once again express our firm solidarity with the friendly Government and the brotherly people of Pakistan and reaffirm our belief that Pakistan will retain its unity and integrity while passing through this challenging period.


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